While making superb varietals is most often the winemaker’s challenge, the opportunity to demonstrate their complete talents is with making blends.

What is a red blend wine? Creating unique and special flavor profiles by blending more than one grape variety is a chance for winemakers to express their skill at balancing all the fruity, spicy, and tannic flavors in a single bottle.

What is a Red Blend Wine?

Creating red blend wines is genuinely an art. The winemaker begins with a base varietal and works to change the flavor by adding percentages of other wines to create a new one that is unique in many attributes. A new wine evolves that goes beyond the original characteristics to create additional layers of flavor and aroma from the original.

Blend of Flavors

What is a red blend wine? Typical wine blends may be Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot, Merlot-Malbec, or G-S-M, the combination of Grenache Syrah-Mourvedré.

Bordeaux-style red blends are traditionally made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot but can incorporate Malbec, Carménère, and Petit Verdot.

Clearly, the options for winemakers’ are almost endless when perfecting their blends. They skillfully combine the different grape varieties to create a harmonious and complex taste experience. Their goal is to balance the fruity, spicy, and tannic notes into a single bottle.

Expressive Complexity

In the end, blends showcase the winemaker’s artistry in crafting a wine that goes beyond the characteristics of a single varietal by creating layers of flavor that emerge from the synergy of additional wines. Winemakers may choose to raise the intricate symphonies of flavor, with each grape offering distinct attributes.

Some blending recipes are passed down from generation to generation and remain favorites today.

Versatility in Pairing

Blends offer versatility, sometimes pairing with more and different foods. The strength created by pairing can allow the host to present different dishes that match well with the food. Doses of other wine varieties can improve the color, body, and texture of a wine, adding complexity and elegance.

For example, a Gran Reserva Cabernet blend pairs beautifully with strong-flavored lamb dishes and roasted potatoes. The wine will help to cleanse the palate of fat and complement the mint sauce.

Likewise, a medium-bodied red blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, goes well with a Pulled Pork Sandwich with the addition of smooth Merlot and the herbal notes of Cabernet Franc.

From hearty meats to rich cheeses, red blends will complement a wide range of dishes.

Regional Influences

Winemakers draw grapes from a wide range of vineyards to create the right combinations. This practice tends to add regional touches to the overall character of the blend.

There is no easy answer as to what makes an excellent blend, but winemakers continue to search the regions to find the combination that works best.

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