Some wineries go beyond wine, offering guests various artworks, sculptures, or galleries that adorn their premises. Wine tasters and visitors to the top wineries in Yountville are treated to many wonders of the eye while enjoying the unique tastes and aromas of the wines.

Many of the wineries recognize that wine and art are a natural pair that expands the visitors’ experience while tasting the wines. By adding tastefully curated local, regional, or global art to the overall experience, those wineries treat their guests to a more holistic experience, one that goes beyond the sights, tastes, and smells of their winemaking.

Vineyards as a Canvas

Adjacent to each Yountville winery is a natural work of art, the vineyard. No matter the season, the carefully managed vineyard rows offer a delightful scene, often with a backdrop of surrounding hillsides and mountains. The landscape itself becomes a landmark of artistic expression, one that allows the spectator to scan and marvel during each visit.

Art and Architecture

Wineries themselves can be a work of architectural beauty that ranges from simple to more complex. The angles and structure of some offer interesting, inspiring, and even fascinating impressions that beautifully blend the aesthetics and functionality of the facilities.

Inside, some top wineries in Yountville and tasting rooms have created rotating or fixed art galleries that feature artists from near and far. Winetasters can stroll through the presentations to admire the artwork while enjoying the wines.

Artist Collaborations and Exhibitions: Yountville’s Art, Sip, and Stroll

An open-air event, Art, Sip, and Stroll, encourages visitors to walk and enjoy fine art, fine wine, and great food. The event, held in May, offers participants a Tasting Package, which includes visits to about 12 Tasting Rooms plus a Tasting Pavilion. Food vendors are also readily available.

Family and pet-friendly, the art and music displays are situated in a ¼-mile area located between the Veterans Memorial Park and Yountville Community Center.

Artists from everywhere participate in the event and offer over 50 works of art that include paintings, sculptures, and even music as visitors stroll by.

Jessup Cellars Participation in the Arts

One of the top wineries in Yountville, Jessup Cellars, is a critical driver in the art movement. Not only is it a sponsor of many artistic projects and festivals, but the boutique winery is also home to a tasteful blend of art and wine.

The Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery provides a unique viewing experience with its gallery of art and wine tastings. Gallery Curator and resident artist Cynthia Carey supports artists in their development of art and creative processes by displaying their multimedium art forms in the winery’s Tasting Gallery.

Wine tasters and other guests can enjoy the rotating displays throughout the year.

Other top wineries in Yountville display works of art throughout their properties to demonstrate their natural partnership of art and wine.

Make Reservations at Jessup Cellars

During your next trip to Napa Valley, make sure to take the time to visit Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery. Enjoy the fabulous wines, hospitality, and unique and beautifully displayed artwork.

You can reserve your space for a visit by visiting the Jessup Cellars website.

If you have questions, phone Jessup Cellars at (707)-944-5620.