Red wine aromas and flavors can be very complex.

For guests to truly enjoy the wines you serve, you should familiarize yourself with the right way to prepare and serve the wines to ensure your guests enjoy the maximum appreciation. Learn to serve like the experts as you delight your guests with that special bottle of red wine you have been saving for the occasion.

Make Sure the Temperature is Right

Room temperature is too warm for red wine. When served too warm, the alcohol tends to be over-emphasized. On the other hand, when the wine is too cold, the low temperature subdues the aromas and exaggerates the acidity and tannins.

The correct serving temperature for red blend wine tasting is about 55°F-64°F, with lighter-bodied wines ( Zinfandels) at the lower end of the range and full-bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon served slightly warmer.

Serving at the correct temperature will ensure the wines exhibit their best aroma and flavor.

Decanting: Let the Wine “Breathe”

With a red blend wine tasting, consider serving from a decanter rather than a bottle. Decanting exposes the wine to more oxygen to free up the aromas and flavors of the wine, particularly the more powerful reds.

Plan to allow the wine to aerate for about 30 minutes or more to ensure you are enjoying the benefits of decanting. Also, know that any sediment that remains in the wine will settle at the bottom of the decanter.

Glassware is Important

The size and shape of the glassware can impact the taste and enjoyment of the wines. Generally, six different glass types are appropriate for enjoying specific wine groups. The groups are sparkling wine, white wines, rosé, light-bodied red wine, full-bodied red wine, and fortified wine.

For a red blend wine tasting, you may consider either the light or full-bodied red wine glasses, depending on the strength of the wine flavors. Fill the glass only to about one-quarter to two-thirds to leave plenty of room for swirling and discovering the aroma of the wine.

“Breathing” Time

Allowing the wines to breathe before consumption will enable them to aerate without being over-exposed to oxygen. Note that older wines require little aeration, while younger wines may need longer. It is essential not to over-aerate any wine since letting too much oxygen into the wine will alter the flavor.

Artful Presentation

You have done it all, so serving wine should be performed with style. During your red blend wine tasting or during your formal dinner, make a great impression by focusing on the visual aspects of wine serving.

Serve from the guest’s left, pouring the appropriate amount into the guest’s wine glass. Have a clean, folded napkin available in case of dribbling, or use a wine pourer that attaches to the bottle, prevents drips, further aerates the wine and helps to control the amount poured.

If you are serving more than one wine, make sure the less robust wine comes first, followed by the more substantial ones.

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