Blending is how winemakers combine different types of wines to create a single, complete, more complex wine. Winemakers look for wines with various qualities to determine what proportion should be used to produce the best wine.

Blends may not attract the notice that a solid Napa Valley varietal like Cabernet Sauvignon does, but they certainly deserve the recognition. Red blends offer a unique opportunity to create the complex flavors and aging characteristics of many of the famous red wines we encounter.

Jessup Cellars crafts award-winning red blends that combine the richness and power of their Cabernet Sauvignon with the softness of Merlot, elegance of Cabernet Franc, with other varietals adding complexity.

The Art of Blending

While it is difficult enough to create a world-class varietal, master winemakers strive to fashion wine blends that may result in a higher level of taste and aroma. Their methods involve mixing particular grapes with unique characteristics to create a blend that may be superior to the primary varietal.

Many times, these famous red wines showcase the artistry of the winemaker, offering a richer and more nuanced experience.

Building Your Cellar

Blending can be risky. Some blends do not capture the desired effect, but artisans continue to strive for a state of perfection. Frequently, however, they create new wines that make a difference.

Not all wines are suitable for aging. The winemaking team at Jessup Cellars develop their famous red wines with good structure, firm tannins, and balanced acidity that allow for longer-term storage. Their high-quality grapes and exceptional winemaking skills will allow for graceful maturation.

Is There Investment Potential?

Well-aged fine wines can increase in value over time. Purchasing some of these wines from a reputable winery and storing them can be lucrative, some even becoming collector’s items.

Uncorking an Aged Red Blend

There is magic and excitement in uncorking a well-aged red wine. After years of storage, the flavors have, developed complexity and the tannins more pillowy, creating a unique drinking experience.

Properly stored, a Jessup Cellars red blend will reward the owner for their patience.

Visit Jessup Cellars Tasting Room in Yountville

During your next visit to Napa Valley, make sure to stop at the hospitable Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery, which features beloved red wines housed in a remarkable location and adorned with world-class art.

The wines you will enjoy at Jessup cellars are carefully handcrafted and among the most cherished by our Wine Club Members.

To learn more about Jessup Cellars, visit their website, where you can browse the Wine Shop and plan your next wine tasting.

Reserve your spot for a future tasting on the website or phone the Yountville winery at 707-944-5620.