Being chosen as “one of the best” from among over 400 wineries in Napa Valley is truly an honor.

In Napa Valley Life Magazine’s recently completed “Best of Napa Valley” survey, contributors voted Jessup Cellars 3rd Place for the “Best Art Collection and Galleries” among all the wineries in Napa Valley.

Already known as one of the best wineries in Yountville, Jessup Cellars also avidly supports local and regional artists and their work.

Furthermore, Jessup Cellars’ sister boutique winery, Handwritten Wines, scored second in the “Best Boutique Winery in Napa Valley” category.

Jessup Cellars’ Commitment to Arts and Artists

Their commitment to the visual arts is readily apparent when guests arrive for a wine tasting at the Jessup Cellars Tasting Rooms in Yountville. While tasting the award-winning wines and delicious accompaniments are usually the primary objective, examining the artworks in their Gallery is also rewarding.

Jessup Cellars, whose Tasting Gallery is one of the best tasting rooms in Yountville, provides visitors with a truly unique tasting experience. Visiting becomes a “triple treat” for guests who enjoy sampling the superb wines in a comfortable atmosphere, professional chef-created food accompaniments, and the ever-changing artworks curated by Resident Artist Cynthia Carey.

Cynthia’s work supports Jessup Cellar’s dual passion for art and wine as she encourages, guides, and promotes the efforts of the artistic vision and creative processes of celebrated regional and national artists.

The winery also specializes in hosting interactive experiences focusing on the arts. Highlights include its Art House Sessions summer music series and Art House Short Film Series.

Wine Tasting at Jessup Cellars Yountville Tasting Gallery

Great wine, great food, and great art, a total experience that few other wineries can offer.

Jessup Cellars Tasting Room and Gallery is centrally located just off Highway 29 in the quaint Village of Yountville at 6740 Washington Street. The Tasting Gallery is conveniently located among some of the top Michelin-star restaurants, luxury accommodations, art galleries, and shopping.

Jessup Cellars also offers professionally guided virtual and in-home tasting experiences.

To ensure a memorable tasting event, the winery requests that visitors book Reservations in advance to allow for preparation.

The Jessup Cellars Classic Wine Experience is a guided and seated tasting of five to six wines paired with artisan cheeses, almonds, and chocolate. Tastings may be conducted inside the Gallery surrounded by works of art or, weather permitting, outside in their patio area.

Jessup Cellars Offer Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting

In addition to partnering with Napa Humane during Yountville’s ever-popular Art, Sip, and Stroll, Jessup Cellars provides a unique dog-friendly wine-tasting environment.

Throughout the year, Jessup Cellars places Napa Humane flyers and stickers in their To-Go Package with each wine purchase. The winery then donates 10% of the revenue from these sales to this critical life-saving organization.

Make Your Wine Tasting Reservations at Jessup Cellars

Enjoy the excellent wine, food, and art when you visit the Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery.

Make your reservations online, or phone Jessup Cellars tasting rooms in Yountville at (707)-944-5620.

You may also complete the Contact Us Form with any questions or suggestions on the Jessup Cellars website, and one of the Jessup Cellars wine professionals will contact you.