Lisbon is continental Europe’s westernmost capital city.  The Portuguese capital emerged as a nation state in the early 12th century, but has much longer origins stemming back to ancient Greece and Phoenicia. Greek legends have the city founded and named by Ulysses. The Phoenicians called it Allis Ubbo or “enchanting port”.

The early history of Lisbon was a battlefield for Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians. The Romans arrived in 205 B.C. to commence a two-century reign. During Roman period Lisbon became one of the most significant cities in Iberian Peninsula and was renamed Felicitas Julia.

In 714, the Moors arrived to peninsula and resisted against Christian attacks for the next 400 years. They left behind great architecture and diverse cuisine from North African recipes.

The 15th century began the Portuguese Era of Discovery. Explorers like Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan sailed the world’s oceans, established colonies from India to Brazil and brought home abundant wealth and prosperity. For the next century Lisbon was the world’s most prosperous trading center. Many of the city’s iconic buildings such as Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belém, were built during this period. Today they are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Lisbon of today is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. We’ll experience Lisbon’s main attractions and enjoy a private farewell dinner at one of the city’s best seaside restaurants.

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