The management and staff at Jessup Cellars and our sister winery, Handwritten Wines, not only focus on special deals and opportunities for our out-of-town customers and wine club members, but we are also anxious to recognize the importance of our local friends and neighbors.

As two of the best wineries in Yountville and Napa Valley Wine Country, Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines are pleased to extend special email offers to members of our community through the Yountville Chamber of Commerce.

The email for this Wine Tasting offer has only been distributed to the local population.

End of Harvest Season Tastings

As we wrap up another successful growing season and grape harvest, Jessup Cellars, one of the best wineries in Yountville, our professional staff and winemakers are pleased to extend a special offer to the local population with our recent email campaign offering.

As we anticipate a beautiful fall and winter in Napa Valley, a time when we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the crowds diminish, we at Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines wish to enjoy some quality time with our treasured neighbors.

To that end, these two wineries in Yountville have added delightful complementary components to their high-value wine tastings that are only available to residents and their guests. Interested parties need only mention the email or reference this commentary while booking their Tasting at either winery. Our conscientious staff will handle the rest!

Special Additions

Through December 31, 2022, area guests and their family and friends planning a wine tasting at Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines, two best wineries in Yountville, will receive an extra treat during their tastings at no additional charge.

At Jessup Cellars, local residents and their friends or family will be treated to an artisan chocolate delight with a splash of dessert wine along with their chosen wine tasting.

At Handwritten Wines, your group will be treated to a splash of Handwritten’s highly coveted Relié Cuvée Champagne along with the rest of the Tasting Experience.

Reserve Your Place for Your Group’s Special Tastings

Book your place for one or both enjoyable Tasting Experiences. Mention this Special Offer, and the professionals at each of the best wineries in Yountville will organize all that is needed and more.

An excellent way to entertain friends, family, and out-of-town guests, a Wine Tasting at Jessup Cellars’ beautiful art-themed Tasting Gallery in Yountville will be sure to please all participants.

Fun, relaxing, educational, and decidedly delicious, carefully curated Wine Tastings at either location is always a treat, especially with these extra accompaniments for residents and their groups.

For an in-town, virtual, or in-home Wine Tasting reservation, contact:

  • Jessup Cellars – | 707-944-8523
  • Handwritten Wines – | 707-944-8524

When making your reservations, don’t forget to mention the special accompaniments available through December 31 to residents of the area.