Wine Tasting Yountville: Beyond the Grape

Wine tasting in Yountville is more than just sipping delicious wines (though that’s certainly a highlight).  Here’s how to make your day truly special:


  • A Culinary Companion: Yountville is the best place to find foodies! Pair your wine tasting with a lunch at one of the numerous Michelin-starred restaurants in town, or come on a charcuterie board and discover the flavors in combination with a perfect matching wine.
  • Go Outdoors: Many wineries have gorgeous outdoor areas to enjoy the Napa Valley sunshine. Hang out your blanket for some wine sipping and sun basking.
  • Art: Several art galleries can be found at Yountville wineries, including Jessup Cellars, where we are currently celebrating the vivid work of our first resident artist, Jermaine Dante. Combine your passion for art and wine with a visit!
  • History Buffs Welcome: History abounds in Yountville. Wander through some of the town’s early buildings or tour the Robert Mondavi Winery to learn about recent generations of winemaking in Napa Valley.

Your Jessup Cellars Wine Tasting Yountville Experience:

  • Tasting Reservation: Book ahead when available
  • A Cheery Ambience: with our knowledgeable and welcoming staff to provide guidance, you can taste our wines as your palate, senses, and preferences dictate, and grasp their full back story, from vine to bottle.
  • Beyond the Tasting: Stop by our charming tasting room before or after your tasting and browse our Jessup Cellars merchandise.
  • Sign up to the Jessup Family: Join us and receive discounts and custom selections of your favorite wines.


Wine Tasting Yountville: Your Perfect Day Awaits

With top-notch wineries, dining, and scenery, Yountville is unlike any other wine tasting destination. Armed with this guide to making the most of your day, your itinerary with Jessup Cellars is something you’ll remember fondly ever after.