Jessup Cellars Infinite Recursion is Time Captured in a Bottle

In 2016, our family owners of Jessup Cellars voluntarily dropped the legal right to use the “Port” designation on our Napa Valley fortified wines. Though we had the legal right to use the term because we were grandfathered in following the signing of the 2006 U.S./European Commission Wine Trade Agreement, we have stopped using the term out of respect for the Napa Valley Vintner’s efforts to protect winemaking place names and for the legendary winemakers of Porto, Portugal.

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“In our hearts, we understood that Porto belongs to Portugal,” said co-owner, Vance Thompson. “Once the decision was made, we went to work with winemaker Rob Lloyd and our creative team to craft a new legacy for Jessup Cellars, one that would take our fortified wine offering to a new level. Myself and my partners are very honored to introduce our new proprietary Infinite Recursion Tawny Red Wine.”

Jessup Cellars inaugural release of Infinite Recursion – in our new 500ml silk-screened bottle – is a solera-style fortified wine sourced from Mother Barrels created from eight vintages. The new proprietary name is inspired by the effect created when one stands between two mirrors and you see your reflection go on to infinity. This first release will also have the sub-designation Eighth Reflection. With every vintage, the Mother Barrels are replenished, building on the levels of complexity year-after-year. Thus, the future releases of Infinite Recursion will be the Ninth Reflection and so on, taking our commitment to the ‘Art of the Blend’ simultaneously into the past and the future.

In late October of 2016, one of the greatest and most humbling moments in Jessup Cellars history occurred. The Confraria do Vinho do Porto invited us to come to the Portuguese Embassy in San Francisco to be inducted into their organization to thank us for relinquishing the Port designation. Three other members of the Napa Valley Vintners, who also dropped the designation, Boyd Family Vineyards, Freemark Abbey and Schweiger Vineyards, joined us for the ceremony.

To wrap up this story of honoring history and blazing new trails, our General Manger Tracy McArdle, is now sailing the Douro River in Portugal with a group of our members to celebrate the great wine regions and culture of Portugal. To help us illustrate this exciting chapter in the evolution of Jessup Cellars, Tracy took a bottle of Infinite Recursion on tour, capturing the above photo overlooking the Douro River in Porto, Portugal. Saude!