In partnership with the San Jose and Walnut Creek Short Film Festivals, Jessup Cellars presents a series of short film and wine pairing screenings at our Tasting Gallery in the Napa Valley’s village of Yountville. Running monthly December through March, each gathering will feature four award-winning shorts paired with a Jessup Cellars wine and Chef MikeC’s Wok-Popped Flavor-Infused Popcorn. Special thanks to Sony for screening our featured films with their state-of-the-art 65″ HDTV, Soundbar System and Blue Ray Player.

From animation to comedy to drama, Jessup Cellars promises to take guests on an emotional and inspirational ride through the cinematic and culinary arts. The screenings will be followed by meet-and-greets with filmmakers and the opportunity to purchase wines in support of indie short film projects. Projects will be chosen through, and supported via, crowd funding sites such as at the close of the series in March 2013.

Online Tickets: General $25 | Members $15

Must be 21 with a Valid ID



Canada, Directed by Siobhan Devine, 10mins.

A multi-generational story about a 14-year-old emo-goth girl Kaylee (who can’t seem to get along with her mother), that flees to her grandmother for understanding and support. Her aggressive texting habits are put to the test when grandma secretly hides her charger then offers a chance to learn even more about the parents she doesn’t understand.

“Requiem for Romance”

USA, Directed by Jon Ng, 8mins.

A modern-day couple’s secret love affair comes to a bittersweet end during an evening phone call. This is an epic re-imagining of their relationship set in feudal China, where family influence, cultural pressures and their lust for adventure play out as if a dream.

 “Night in a Hotel”

United Kingdom, Directed by Daniel Kontur, 13mins.

James meets an old man in a hostel, strange and annoying. His 8 year old son dreams about the morning train that passes each day, hoping for a response (just once) from a passenger.

“Mi Ojo Derecho”

Spain, Directed by Josecho De Linares, 13mins.

Zurdo maintained a special relationship with his grandmother, though later in life he went away to study and lost touch. Many years later, he tags along with his sister to visit his grandmother one last time, remembering all he left behind.

Check out Chef MikeC’s video that introduced it all at November’s Napa Valley Film Festival!

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