Jessup Cellars & Protea’s Chef Anita Co-Conspire to Bring You Spring Time Flavor-Fest!

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As we began planning the release of Jessup Cellars 2016 Sauvignon Blanc into our May Club shipments, the conversation inevitably turned to food and local Yountville dishes that would make a great pairing. The fact that we had just recently had the amazing shrimp tacos from Protea, the Latin American restaurant in Yountville, we quickly reached out to Chef Anita Cartagena to see if she’d like to share the recipe.

In short order, we were co-conspiring on Protea’s roof top patio that overlooks our beautiful town and the Mayacama Mountains to the west. While sipping and noshing, our very own Macaela Lindquist was capturing the moment with her camera and very capable eye. A huge salud to Chef Anita for her following Shrimp Tacos recipe!

Shrimp Tacos

(serves 4)

Shrimp size 21/25 – 1 lb

24, 4” corn tortillas

Red Cabbage, 1 head

Fresh fresnos,  2 each

Olive Oil

Salt/pepper to taste

~ Shell, devein shrimp, wash and set aside ~

Salsa Roja

10 each plum roma tomatoes

½ yellow onion

1 whole fresh jalapeño (you can use more if you like it spicy)

Salt/Pepper to taste

1 cup water

Cut tomatoes onion and jalapeño  in half place in a hot pan with olive oil salt and pepper cook at medium heat until translucent and broken down. Add more water if needed, pull from the heat and let cool then place in a blender and pulse until combined but still has texture. Add more salt and pepper if needed then set aside


Fresh lime



Using a knife cut cabbage head into quarters and slice thinly placing in a bowl as you go. Once it is all finished season with salt pepper and olive oil and squeeze of lime


Set a sauté pan on medium/high heat wait until hot (you can test temperature by flashing a small amount of water inside of empty sauté pan and watch for water to evaporate quickly) then add ½ tsp of olive oil wait until it comes back up to temperature. In the meantime, pat dry your shrimp with a paper towel salt to taste and carefully add to pan sauté place a cover over the top for 3.5 mins. In the meantime, place your tortillas over a medium flame to warm and char set aside on serving plates


After your shrimp is cooked through place on the charred tortillas drizzle with salsa roja top off with seasoned cabbage, fresno chilis and cilantro, squeeze some fresh lime over the top and enjoy…

Buen Provecho!

About Chef Anita Cartagena & Protea

Chef Anita brings experience and drive forged in some of the country’s best restaurants, including most recently Ciccio in downtown Yountville. Anita is particularly suited to take the exacting and strict standards of a Michelin Star quality restaurant and translate it to the more causal, affordable, and back to basics world of handcrafted sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Protea is a fast casual restaurant with counter service and table side delivery using the highest quality and execution standards in the industry. We prepare many slow roasting, braising, and high level cooking techniques to the worlds various street foods. Come taste our daily changing menu, where you might find items such as empanadas, Tostadas, Cubano Sandwiches, Rice Bowls, and Fish Tacos.

Protea Restaurant
6488 Washington Street
Yountville, CA 94599
(707) 415-5035