Tips to Storing Your Wines at Home

You bought some new wines at a boutique winery, brought them home, and want to ensure they remain in the best condition possible. After all, with less-than-ideal storage, wines deteriorate, and flavors can change based on how properly they are kept.

So, it is a good idea to take some time and try to create the best possible storage, especially since some new bottles may be somewhat expensive.

Proper Temperature

Temperature is the first and most important element of wine storage since too cold or too warm can affect the chemistry of the wines. Store your red wine at a temperature of about 55°F.

Wines held at temperatures below 25° or higher than 68° are vulnerable and can rapidly lose the characteristics that made them popular. These extreme temperatures will cause the wines to age quickly and destroy the volatile compounds in the wine.

Also, moving the wine frequently can cause the cork to expand and contract, allowing the air to impact the liquids.

Store Your Wine Horizontally

Wines should always be kept in a horizontal position. Doing this will keep the cork moist, prevent it from drying, and prevent air from entering. Storing this way is the best way to keep the wines fresh and the air from reaching them.

Protect Your Wines from Light and Vibration

Too much light and vibration are enemies to aging your wines properly.

Whether storing your wines for the short or long term, keep the light away from them as much as possible. The UV rays from the sun can damage the wines’ flavors and aromas, so a dark room is best.

Also, keep the wine away from washing machines, exercise machines, and other sources of vibration as this disturbs the sediments in the liquid and can change how it ages.

Watch the Humidity

Humidity can also affect the way a wine ages. Extremes can cause a change in the aging process, with low moisture causing the cork to dry out and higher humidity causing the label to come off.

The best humidity to store wines is in the range of 60-68%.

Store in a Wine Refrigerator

Use a wine refrigerator, not your regular refrigerator. There are several reasons for this, but mainly to keep the wines separate from the odors of the food and maintain a constant temperature and humidity for the wine.

If the cost is an issue, remember that the refrigerator is part of the wine investment, so ensure you secure your refrigerator first.

Serve at the Right Temperature

Ideal serving temperatures for the best wines vary, but it is usually 58° to 64°F. This temperature allows the best expression of the wine’s flavors and aroma.

The age of the wine plays an important role, however, with the warmer temperatures best for older wines and cooler temperatures for newer ones. Wines with more tannins should be served on the high end of the acceptable temperature scale, while lighter reds are served at the lower end.

White wines should be served even colder, although not so cold as to affect the enjoyment of their aroma. Typical whites are served at 45°-55°F and champagne as cold as 38°-45°.


What to Do with Open Bottles

In case there are any, open bottles can be kept for 3-5 days without significant loss of flavor and aroma. As soon as possible, reinsert the cork to seal the bottle. You should wrap wax paper around the cork to help insert it and to keep any cork from falling into the wine. A quality rubber stopper can also do the job.

Consider buying a wine vacuum pump also to reseal the bottle. This device will remove the air in the bottle and create an airtight seal.

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