Jessup Cellars Staff Feature: Lee Anderson, Wine Curator


Behind any high-quality wine production is a staff of dedicated, knowledgeable wine enthusiasts who understand the delicate balances that must be maintained throughout the winemaking process.

The world-class wines of Jessup Cellars, a premier Napa Valley boutique winery, demand skill and diligence at every level. Jessup Cellars has assembled the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff to produce and market their wines to ensure that their customers and members are always satisfied, even in these most trying times.


Focus on the Friendliest Tasting Room

Hosting and curating a successful wine tasting requires personality, organization, and extensive knowledge of the winemaking process.  The curator’s responsibility is to educate and entertain while ensuring the needs of all, from the first-time novice to the most well-versed veteran.

Lee Anderson, a highly professional Jessup Cellar’s Wine Curator, has literally learned her discipline from the ground up. After relocating to Napa Valley from Chicago, driven by her longstanding love for wine and the culinary arts, she started her Napa valley experience by working in the vineyards

Over a decade and one-half before coming to Napa Valley, Lee had attended Culinary School in Vancouver, BC. After considerable study and exposure to the wine business, she became a Certified Sommelier and Wine Director at some top-ranked Michelin Star restaurants.

Since her arrival, Lee has become a key player at Jessup Cellar’s boutique winery while also pursuing her wine education even further to achieve her Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WCET) certification.

In a recent interview, Lee was asked about her experience and goals in the hospitality and wine businesses:

Interviewer: Tell us more about what you appreciate about working for a winery, compared to, say, a restaurant?

LEE: “First of all, working for a winery allows you to see the entire life-cycle of wine – from seeing baby grapes growing on the vine to harvesting, barreling, bottling, and finally, being poured to happy guests in the tasting room.

But the best part of winery life is that it’s like being part of a little family and being surrounded by people who are passionate and love what they’re doing.”

Interviewer: You seem to have a very sophisticated palate and worldly perspective. What experiences, in addition to culinary school and restaurants, helped you develop such an appreciation for food, wine, and culture?

LEE: “When I was very young, I actually lived in Nepal, so I was introduced to so many things that expanded my worldview…like different languages, ethnicities, and fantastic food, of course. Living in places like Vancouver and big cities in the U.S. continued to develop my appreciation for food culture. It continues with so many international visitors to Napa Valley.”

Interviewer: Tell us about some of your favorite Jessup Cellars wine pairings.

LEE: “I love our Chardonnay with seared scallops, creamy risotto, and snap peas.  I like Juel and Table for Four; there’s nothing like dining out at Angèle – a great French restaurant in downtown Napa – pairing our signature blends with dishes like duck confit.”

Interviewer: And how about a more worldly wine pairing? Something to spark our imaginations that will encourage us to try something new?

LEE: “You have to give Nepali dumplings a try! They’re kind of like samosas, filled with chicken and curry, and are absolutely delicious. Another wonderful dish is saag paneer, a vegetable dish that originated in Punjab in Northern India. It’s a lot like creamed spinach, with leafy greens (saag) smothered in butter and fresh cheese (paneer), and served with naan bread or rice. I’d pair either of these comfort foods with a French Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley.”

Wine Tasting at Jessup Cellars

Jessup Cellar’s boutique winery and their friendliest tasting rooms in the world are situated in Yountville, the heart of Napa Valley. You may explore the various Tasting Options by visiting the Jessup Cellars website. Come and try the wines and enjoy the hospitality of Jessup Cellars’ friendliest and most knowledgeable staff.

In-Person Wine Tasting

Curated and organized by experienced professionals, Jessup Cellars offers in-person wine tasting sessions at their Tasting Room and Art Gallery located in the quaint village of Yountville.

Virtual Tastings

If in-person wine tasting is not an option, Jessup Cellars can arrange for up to eight participants to enjoy an online Virtual Tasting. Jessup Cellars will organize the online tasting session featuring three to six wines shipped in advance to each participant.

In-Home Wine Tastings

The Jessup Cellar’s experts will help you organize a Wine Tasting evening in your home, complete with food, wines, and conversation. Jessup Cellars’ expert Wine Curator will facilitate the process and join in the festivities. The curator can also help with creating an entertaining theme, food suggestions, and more.

Visit the Wine Store

Don’t forget also to peruse Jessup Cellar’s online Wine Shop to purchase exquisite, world-class wines as gifts or for your own wine cellar.