Grenache/ “Rougette” 


Our Annual Restock Your Cellar sale event is on again. If you’re looking for must-stop wineries near Yountville, then now is the time to visit Jessup Cellars.

If you’re like us, you’ve likely depleted much of your wine cellar during the holidays, especially after this past year! This year, we’re offering something exclusive. Included in this exclusive Jessup Cellars wine special is our 2018 Jessup Cellars ‘Rougette’. Our ‘Rougette’ red blend is usually offered to member first, meaning it often sells out super fast. Tasting Gallery Manager, Grant Wood weighs in on why our ‘Rougette’ is such a fun, easy drinking and food friendly wine.

“Our Rougette is for the wine lover, who wants a fresh, crunchy, easy-to-drink red wine, that is ready to drink right away. The unpretentious style of this bright and cheerful red, makes it perfect for outdoor patio dining or spring and summer picnics. Fruity, charming and charismatic in style, Rougette is a modest tribute to one of the oft-forgotten grapes in the sought-after Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines of Southern Rhone Valley”.

What type of foods should we enjoy Rougette with?

The spice and bite of Grenache makes it a perfect pairing with spiced, smoked and herb-heavy dishes.  Sometimes served slightly chilled, Grenache makes for a great marriage with low and slow American barbeque or cheese and charcuterie. Create a festive share platter of goat gouda or Spanish manchego, along with bresaola, soppressata, smoked duck breast or pork rillette. Grenache (or Garnacha) grows widely in Spain and Australia, evoking pairing possibilities such as Spanish-style chorizo and chicken paella or Shrimp on the Barbie. The earthy and aromatic character of grenache can create a nice complement to veg-friendly dishes like caramelized onion tart, stuffed peppers or sauteed garlic mushrooms.

Each year, winemaker Rob adds an additional parcel of non-grenache grape skins, adding attitude, fruit depth, color and extra character. “Rougette is a fun and witty word play on the famous game of ‘Roulette’, because you never know what you’re going to get”, says Rob. The 2018 Jessup Rougette blends 95.5% Mendocino Grenache and 4.5% Carignane. This wine will age nicely for 5-7 years.

Okay, you got me, gimme gimme!

To show our deep appreciation for your love and support, our Restock Your Cellar event extends 15% off 3 amazing Jessup wines including our 2018 ‘Rougette’, 2018 Alexander Valley Zinfandel and 2016 ‘Table for Four’. As a special bonus, Jessup members, Join here, will enjoy a double discount of 30% on these wines, together with a 15% discount on three extraordinary wine selections from Handwritten Wines. Sign up for our Newsletter today to receive the exclusive 15% coupon code.

Whether you take advantage of our annual virtual event, or you’re stopping by our Yountville winery to restock your cellar, this small production, grenache-based red blend should be on every wine lover’s wish list. This offer is only available through Friday, January 22nd, so please act fast!