Brian Browning Joins Wine On Location Team

Anyone knows that the success of any business relies on the rock stars and expert staff that make up the team. What makes Jessup Cellars one of the best wineries in Yountville is the friendly and laid-back nature of the legends in our tasting room. Our newest team member, Mr. Brian Browning is no exception. For our members, locals and regulars to our Yountville winery, here’s what you should know about the newest recruit to the Good Life family.

Brian Browning joins Jessup Cellars with a 20-year strong track record in the hospitality industry. Brian has a wholehearted love of wine, having worked as a Sommelier, Retail Buyer, Educator and Sales Consultant. Brian holds a WSET Diploma from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is Stage 2 Candidate for the Master of Wine.

Brian resides in the epicurean capital of Las Vegas. As Associate of Personal Wine Experiences, Brian will be part of our Wine On Location team offering the Rolls Royce of in-home tasting experiences. Guests from across the country will also experience Brian’s charisma and charm if participating in our Virtual Tastings experiences.

When not uncorking his favorite bottle of Carneros Chardonnay, you’ll find Brian at home, where he enjoys cooking fresh preparing meals sourcing produce from his personal garden.

Brian, favorite food and wine pairing… GO!

Chardonnay and Dungeness Crab! It’s decadent, rich, and elegant with that perfect pop of acidity. 

Oo! Classy! You can stay! Tell us more about yourself, your background and your favorite wine experience.

I have spent most of my adult life working in some facet of the hospitality industry. It really began in restaurants in Los Angeles and Miami. The food and wine culture in these cities really opened my eyes to how exciting wine really is.

From Miami, I finally made my way to Oregon and that is really where I was able to experience winemaking and the connection of a wine to it’s origin. What I love most about wine is that it inspires conversation. I’m a people’s person. Opening a bottle and discussing it’s style, it’s origin, the winemaking techniques, the sense of place – I love hearing from different people, about their different interpretations. 

Where’s your dream destination to discover some incredible food, wine, and scenery?

Melbourne, Australia is number one on my bucket list. I’m inspired by the food, friendly folks as well as café and wine culture. Not to mention the amazing new wines of Down Under.

Also on my list of top destinations are San Sebastian, the Michelin star epicenter in Spain and Vietnam for Southeast Asian cuisine. I would I would also like to return to Vancouver, BC. I had a magical food and wine week about 10 years ago and I think about it often. Such a wonderfully diverse and vibrant food and wine scene. Right now, however I’m happy to be Stateside, working with one of the best wineries in Yountville and Napa Valley. I can’t to meet the Jessup Cellars community. I look forward to hosting you soon!

Ciao for now!