Cynthia Carey Feature

Since their winery opened two decades ago, the owners and staff of Jessup Cellars have continually celebrated the remarkable harmony between wine and art.

Even before their first sip of a Jessup Cellars award-winning wine, visitors and art lovers to Jessup Cellars’ Yountville winery and tasting room are captivated by the array of professional artwork tastefully arrayed throughout.

Sipping and learning about wines while enjoying the Gallery’s marvelous art display is truly a unique and complete sensory experience.

Curator of the Jessup Art & Wine Experience: Cynthia Carey, Resident Artist

Jessup Cellars’ collection and presentation of works from national and regional artists is neither haphazard nor random but tastefully curated by Jessup Cellars’ long-time Resident Artist and Gallery Curator, Cynthia Carey.

Cynthia Carey joined Jessup Cellars, one of the elite wineries near Yountville, in 2008 when the winery purchased the building space adjacent to their Tasting Room. That space already housed Carey’s art gallery.

Recognizing the potential synergy between fine wines and fine art, the owners of Jessup Cellars recruited Cynthia to become the winery’s Resident Artist, responsible for creating and sourcing fascinating works of art to display at the Yountville Gallery and Tasting Room.

Today, Cynthia Carey’s everchanging art exhibits offer each winery guest a warm, comfortable, and exciting experience.

Carey’s rotating exhibits never fail to enchant visitors. Over the past decade and one-half, Cynthia has revealed works by Daniel Ochoa, Brooks Andersen, Beverly Lazor, Kathryn Arnold, Tracy Adams, Yaz Krahbiel, Michael Dickter, Brandon Blane McMillan, Jacob Dhein, Jill Ricci, John Denning, and many more.

And, artfully integrated among the masterful works of others, Cynthia Carey frequently intersperses some of her own fascinating works of art. She was even instrumental in designing Jessup Cellars’ Winetasting Room and Gallery by devising color schemes, selecting furniture, and adding many of the decorative elements of the Jessup Cellars South Yountville winery.

Cynthia’s Background and Artistic Accomplishment

How does a talented young woman become a notable figure and Resident Artist at a leading Yountville winery in Napa Valley?

Cynthia arrived in the Bay Area as a young child and spent the subsequent years pursuing her dream as an artist. Her art education culminated as an understudy of Nathan Oliveira at Stanford University.

Her art passions involve a variety of mediums, including painting, collage, mixed media, encaustic, assemblage, and found-object sculpture. Her unique collages created from centuries-old paper educe interesting stories about past times.

Cynthia’s artistic tastes span a broad spectrum. Influenced by her many visits to Northern Italy, she has developed a deep interest in Italian fresco artistry that reflects the patina of centuries-old walls prevalent throughout the villages of breathtaking Lake Como and other cities in Italy.

Carey creates a unique depth of color and texture, painting on wood panels using plaster, much like many early Italian Masters.

Enjoy a Winetasting + Art Experience at Jessup Cellars

Rarely do artists gifted with different talents like winemaking and art experience the degree of synergy that the winemakers at Jessup Cellars and premier artist Cynthia Carey enjoy.

To quote Ms. Carey from a Napa Valley Life Magazine article: “It’s been such a beautiful partnership with the families of Jessup Cellars. Combining the visual arts with the experience of tasting handcrafted wines simply elevates both forms.”

To experience Jessup Cellar’s outstanding wines while enjoying Cynthia Carey’s remarkable WINE + ART Tasting Room Gallery exhibitions, visit the Jessup Cellars website.

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