Some visitors planning a trip to Napa Valley are reluctant to leave their canine family members at home. Before committing, these doggy parents frantically search the web for accommodations, restaurants, and dog-friendly wineries near me.”

While many businesses prefer that guests leave their doggies at home or elsewhere, Jessup Cellars, a dog-friendly Yountville winery, is delighted to have your best pal accompany you on any future wine-tasting excursions.

Jessup Cellars Team loves animals. The winery’s ongoing support for Napa Humane is not simply a passing attempt to demonstrate support for the community activities but a demonstration of the winery’s sincere love and passion for those furry friends.

Jessup Cellars’ Dog-Friendly Agenda

In addition to partnering with Napa Humane during Yountville’s ever-popular Art, Sip, and Stroll and more, Jessup Cellars offers a unique dog-friendly Tasting Room environment.

Throughout the year, Jessup Cellars’ Yountville winery places Napa Humane flyers and stickers in their To-Go Package with each wine purchase. The winery then donates 10% of the revenue from these sales to this critical life-saving organization.

Additionally, the Jessup Cellars Team is discussing with Napa Humane the idea of creating future “Bring Your Pet to Yountville Days” (working title) during 2023, with the winery as the primary sponsor.

The Jessup team has also held two charity events in recent years to raise awareness and request donations for Napa Humane. These events collected funds for two months and held a special charity mixer event during which the Jessup Tasting Team presented the accumulated offerings to representatives of Napa Humane.

Jessup Cellars’ Yountville Winery Tasting Room Experience

The Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery experience has been popular with wine connoisseurs and their fluffy friends for over a decade.

For those who often find themselves “Googling” “dog friendly wineries near me,”  Jessup Cellar’s Tasting Room and Art Gallery offer the perfect choice.

As you sip your award-winning wines, doggie guests at a wine tasting can enjoy a Drool Dog Treat, a cookie baked in the shape and style of Jessup Cellars’ wine bottles with logos.

Book Your Jessup Cellars Wine Tasting and Bring Your Pup

Leaving your devoted friend at home or in a kennel can diminish your enjoyment. The Jessup Cellars Team is aware of this and strives to become the preferred dog-friendly destination.

Whether indoors in their Yountville tasting room or on the wine-tasting patio, Jessup Cellars is the perfect place to relax, taste, and enjoy a delightful experience.

Next time, don’t leave your devoted buddy at home. Book your wine country weekend and schedule a visit to Jessup Cellars’ decidedly dog friendly Tasting Gallery.

The Yountville winery has even captured fifteen years of moments and memories in their “JessPups” photo album, now featured on Jessup Cellars’ Facebook Page.

This year, begin your Napa getaway at Jessup Cellars, one of the best dog-friendly wineries near me and anywhere else.

To reserve your dog-friendly Napa Valley experience at the Jessup Cellars wine-tasting gallery, phone Jessup Cellars at (707) 944-5620. Or, you can easily book your experience online.