When tasting and comparing a panel of different vintages of a specific varietal from a single winery, the results can be both enlightening and educational.

This tasting format is known as a “vertical.” Sensory differences noted might stem from variable growing conditions and resulting characteristics, as well as the influence of the aging processes. Variations can be very subtle or remarkably apparent.

During September, as a special treat for their true Chardonnay lovers, Jessup Cellars, a premier Yountville winery, presents a unique and fascinating Vertical winetasting package that highlights three consecutive vintages of their Carneros Chardonnay.

Jessup Cellars’ Chardonnay Vertical: A Chardonnay Lover’s Dream

For the true Chardonnay lover, Jessup Cellars’ special Chardonnay Vertical Package is a “can’t miss” opportunity.

At a discounted price, buyers can explore and evaluate a delicious vertical trio of Jessup Cellar’s 2019, 2020, and 2021 Carneros Chardonnays. This end-of-summer tasting treat allows guests to enjoy each vintage’s luxurious flavor and velvety texture while exploring the subtle differences in the developing flavors.

Tasters will note the differences in the attributes of each of these Los Carneros AVA-sourced wines in a delightful adventure that celebrates Jessup Cellars’ Chardonnays in all their glory. The tasting will provide insights into the art and science of winemaking and the differences created by each vintage’s unique circumstances.

With this Jessup Cellar’s Carneros Chardonnay’s Vertical tasting,  the taster should detect special bright and vibrant notes with the 2021 vintage versus the more decadent, indulgent flavors of the other vintages that have had more time to mature.

Jessup Cellars’ Special Carneros Chardonnay Vertical (3 bottles) is offered at a special Bundled Price of $ 50.00 (retail cost of $175.00). Vintages are 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Los Carneros AVA: Why Jessup Cellars’ Chardonnays Excell

The terroir or growing conditions in any Napa Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) play a vital role in wine production. During the growing season, factors like temperature, elevation, soil types, and rainfall determine the eventual quality of the harvested grapes and ultimately impact the wines. Each AVA has different characteristics that make them better (or worse) for producing a particular grape variety.

Jessup Cellars sources the raw material for their Carneros Chardonnay from the Las Carneros AVA, Napa Valley’s southernmost growing area, with its unique conditions:

  • Climate: Cool, with prevailing marine winds from the San Pablo Bay and the Petaluma Gap to the west. High temperatures during summer rarely exceed 80°F (27°C) with less diurnal range variation.
  • Elevation: Sea level to 700 feet (0 to 213 m)
  • Rainfall: The lowest in Napa Valley is up to 24 inches (10 cm) annually.
  • Soils: Clay-dominated, very shallow in general, with more loam and hillside alluvials in the northern section. Yields typically are restrained by the hard claypan subsoil, which prevents deep-rooting.
  • Principal varieties & characteristics: Chardonnay: minerally pear-apple and spice flavors. Merlot: sinewy and lightly herbal, with fine tannins and a sleek structure. Pinot Noir: ripe cherry-cinnamon spice flavors with earthy notes.

Come and Enjoy Jessup Cellars’ Unique Tasting Rooms in Yountville

Make your reservations for a delightful and educational wine tasting experience in Jessup Cellars’ Tasting Rooms in Yountville. You will taste and learn about some of the Yountville winery’s enjoyable wine presentations while examining their unique art gallery, professionally curated by Jessup Cellars’ in-house art expert.

For more information about this Yountville winery’s Chardonnay Vertical wine offer or to make your reservations for an enjoyable wine tasting at the Yountville Tasting Rooms, visit the Jessup Cellars’ website