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Aaron LaheyAaron Lahey

Wine Curator

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Favorite Jessup Wine Pairing: 2009 Zinfandel Port with a crumbly Gorgonzola cheese.

About: Aaron discovered his passion for the world of food and flavor at the young age of 14, when he started apprenticing under some of the top chefs in San Francisco. After cooking at a number of bay area restaurants (and graduating with a BA in Psychology), he found his true calling in wine and spirits. A culinary Renaissance man of sorts, Aaron has a passion for anything flavor related, and his varied culinary background brings a unique perspective to the Jessup Cellars Tasting Room!

Miguel AlcarazMiguel Alcaraz

Finance Manager

Hometown: Michoacan, Mexico – Residing in the town of Sonoma since age of 12

Favorite Jessup Cellars Pairing: Table for Four with Hanger steak, and reduced cabernet sauce with mushrooms and onions.

About: Soccer aficionado, favorite team FC Barcelona, plays soccer regularly in local leagues.

Shannon DifilippoShannon Difilippo

Guest Relations Specialist

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Favorite Pairing: A perfectly chilled Rosé with Scalloped Potato & Pancetta Pizza fired in their own backyard pizza oven.

About: Astounding natural beauty is one memory Shannon has growing up in Alaska so when it was time to find a place to call home and raise their two daughters, Napa’s stunning landscapes and Epicurean lifestyle was an easy choice! Her travel industry career offered opportunities to explore fascinating destinations worldwide while making memories that will last a lifetime.  Inspired by new experiences, interesting people and a true passion for food, wine & art – Jessup Cellars is clearly the perfect fit.

Andrew VasquezAndrew Vasquez

Director of Customer Loyalty

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Pairing: Jessup Cellars Zinfandel with rack of lamb cooked in a delicious jammy sweetness of a fig-sauce.

About: Andrew’s two passions are travel & politics. Having travelled most of the world, worked on two Presidental campaigns and working for several charities, he has adopted a broaden worldview. He discovered his love of wine in a small town on the South Island of New Zealand. That bottle of Sauv Blanc changed the course of his professional life. It was that good! Before joining the wine industry he studied at UCSB and received a B.A. in Political Science. He resides in Santa Rosa where he loves spending time with his family and playing baseball with his two small boys along with their chocolate lab, Marley. SF Giants at AT&T Park is his “happy” place

Kimberly SkogKimberly Skog

Dedicated Wine Liaison

Hometown: Santa Rosa California

About Kimberly: Kimberly brings over 20 years of dedicated wine experience & passion. She loves anything to do with being outdoors, biking and hiking, boating, with her most favorite thing to do is camping with her husband. And time with family! She adores being a mother of two beautiful daughters and now she gets to enjoy grandchildren.

Favorite Jessup wine hard to say as she love them all, but if she had to pick it would be the Juel blend, it has so many layers of complex flavors. A wine that feels like you can pair with almost any meal, or even just by its self!



Jay ArandaJay Aranda

Dedicated Wine Liaison

Hometown: Vallejo, California

Favorite Jessup Wine Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc with Seafood Paella.

About: Jay cherishes the love of his large extended family and appreciates the priceless blessing of a tight-knit circle of friends. Having sailed the West Indies, traveled across Europe–ending with a two-year residence in Valencia Spain–he now enjoys the simple pleasures of basking in the warm California sun, sipping wine and fully engrossed in a good book. Jay strives to live a life of “Service, Purpose, Meaning and Impact.”  His motto: “Collect Moments Not Things.”

Mike LutzMike Lutz

Dedicated Wine Liaison

Hometown: Colusa, CA

Favorite Jessup Wine Pairing: Manny’s Blend with Short Ribs.

About: Mike has spent his entire career in hospitality. For 7 years he worked for some of the top private country clubs in both Scottsdale Arizona and Couer de’ Alene Idaho. It was those clubs where he discovered his passion for wine. For the past 8 years he has worked for a couple of wineries, but truly believes he has found his forever home. “The people here, from the members to the staff, are just amazing! I feel truly blessed to be a part of such an outstanding culture.” He and his wife reside in Sacramento where they both enjoy Sunday football days, and trying out new recipes together in the kitchen.

Frederick BoelenFrederick Boelen

Tasting Gallery Lead

Hometown: Honfleur, France
Favorite Jessup Wine Pairing: Zinfandel Port with anything chocolate.
About: Frederick grew up in France, studied in the UK and Spain (where he met his Georgia Peach). After working several years in his own family businesses in hospitality & wine, he decided to move to the US and continue his family’s long tradition in the wine industry with Jessup! He’s passionate about wine, fly fishing, food and kitesurfing.


Macaela LundquistMacaela Lundquist

Wine Curator

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Jessup Wine Pairing: 2012 Cab Franc with Braised Wild Boar & Truffle Polenta with Wild Mushrooms.
About: After growing up surrounded by all of the culinary and cultural marvels of Chicago, Macaela developed a passion for food, wine and life! Once she had mastered the’ Deep Dish’, she decided to venture west to experience the life of wine country and expand her knowledge of wine. After stumbling upon a career opportunity, she decided to stay and immerse herself in all that Napa Valley has to offer!
Mason ThomsenMason Thomsen

Wine Curator

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Favorite Jessup Pairing: Carneros Chardonnay with Bistro Jeanty’s seared scallops.


Mason gained a love of the wine country growing up in the beautiful Sonoma Valley, but discovered his passion for wine itself while studying abroad in Mendoza, Argentina.  After finishing his degree from UC Davis, he returned to Sonoma where he was able to pursue his newfound passion with the amazing folks at Jessup Cellars.  He is an avowed wine geek, certified history nerd, and self-proclaimed expert on bad puns.

Brian Lee, Wine Curator IBrian Lee

Wine Curator I

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Favorite Jessup Pairing: Trousseau Gris with Thomas Keller’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken

About: Brian hails from sunny Southern California, making him a walking target whenever he dons his Dodger Blue in the Bay Area. In his free time he enjoys art, music and literature, and hopes to one day write an epic work of historical fiction. He studied History and Theology in college and sums up the meaning of life in the following quote: “After all these years, I have begun to wonder if the secret of living well is not in having all the answers, but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.” – Rachel Naomi Remen

Carlos MarquezCarlos Marquez

Wine Curator

Hometown: Sonoma, California

Favorite Jessup Cellars Wine Pairing: Virtually any food with ‘Table for Four’

Growing up, I wasn’t around wine much even though I lived in wine country. Throughout high school and post-graduation, my career goal was to be an athletic trainer. While playing for the Santa Rosa Junior College men’s soccer team in 2012, I first got my foot in the wine industry working at Bennett Lane Winery. This is where my passion for wine grew. My love of sports continues, especially my passion for playing soccer.

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