Becoming more environmentally responsible is very important to us, especially after becoming certified Napa Green in 2017. So, we wanted to try something new that would reduce our carbon footprint yet maintain the quality Jessup Cellars has been known for over two decades. Well, our friends at Tablas Creek (Paso Robles) and Bedrock (Sonoma) gave us a great idea that we wanted to try ourselves! So, drumroll, please… 

Introducing Jessup Cellars’ first-ever Rosé in a bag-in-box! That’s right! We packaged a small amount of our delicious Ma Chérie Rosé into 100 bag-in-box wines.

What’s so special about a Bag-in-Box?

  • Reduces carbon footprint… compared to a traditional glass 750ml bottle, Bag-in-box reduces the carbon footprint associated with packaging by a remarkable 84%. Moreover, the lighter and more compact nature of the package lowers the carbon emissions during shipping by 60%.


  • Preserves the wine… The bag-in-box is designed to deflate as you pour wine, ensuring that oxygen never comes into contact with the remaining wine. This unique feature allows you to keep an open box of Ma Chérie Rosé in your refrigerator for weeks (opened) or up to a year (unopened) while maintaining its freshness and quality. How nice is pouring a glass of delicious wine without having to open a bottle? 


  • Small/lightweight… Each box is 3L of wine equates to four 750ml bottles. All together the 3L bag-in-box weighs 4 lbs less than the glass so it’s less expensive to ship. Plus the box fits easily in your refrigerator!


Ma Chérie in the bag-in-box format is a wine that tastes amazing and reflects Jessup Cellars’ continuing commitment to sustainable practices as a Napa Green certified winery. Indulge in the delightful flavors of this boxed Rosé while savoring the knowledge that you’re making a conscious choice for the environment without compromising on quality or convenience.

Tasting Notes:

Ma Chérie wine embodies the essence of a sun-kissed summer day, bringing forth the luscious sweetness of ripe raspberries and the delicate tang of freshly picked strawberries. The vibrant taste of juicy watermelon adds a refreshing touch, perfectly complemented by the subtle sweetness of pink lady apples. The subtle influence of limestone lends a distinctive mineral character that adds depth and structure to the wine’s overall profile.